Our Mission

At Covenant Church we seek to worship in unity, encourage one another in fellowship and most importantly grow in the truth of God through the study of His Word. God has richly blessed with strength to follow in the steps of Christ. If you are not currently involved with another church in the Wilmington area we invite you to experience worship and fellowship with us at Covenant. We look forward to being of service to you and serving alongside you.

Doctrine of God

We believe in the one and only living and triune God who eternally exists in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Each are fully God, yet there is only one God, who is divinely perfect and worthy of homage and obedience. He is the Creator of the universe and sovereign ruler of it, working all things out after the counsel of His own will.

Jesus Christ

We believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who was born of a virgin according to the Scriptures. He became fully man without ceasing to be fully God. Jesus lived a sinless life. His purpose for coming to earth was to die on the cross as full substitutionary payment for the sins of all who believe in His name. We believe in His literal, bodily resurrection on the third day. He ascended into to be seated at the right hand of God.

The Holy Spirit

We believe in the Diety and Person of the Holy Spirit who convicts man of sin and enables man to place His trust in Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit indwells every Christian at the point of salvation, enabling him to live a new life and use spiritual gifts for the glory of God.

The Bible

We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God, the record of His revelation to man, absolute in its authority, and complete in it’s revelation. God has spoken to us in the Bible the full disclosure of His will that He intends for us to know. It cannot be added to or taken away from, is final in it’s content, and is completely inerrant in it’s original manuscripts.

Doctrine of Man

We believe that man was directly created by God in His own image and likeness. God’s intention in the creation of was that man should glorify God, enjoy fellowship with Him, live his life in the will of God, and by this accomplish God’s purpose for man in the world.

Doctrine of Sin

We believe that, through man’s sinful disobedience, the relationship between God and man was eternally fractured causing man to become inherently corrupt and incapable of living in fellowship with God. This fracture has left man totally dependent upon God’s grace and the Holy Spirit’s regenerating power for salvation.

Doctrine of Salvation

We believe that salvation is God’s forgiveness of a person’s sin because of Jesus Christ’s death on the cross. Salvation is totally a work of God’s grace and experienced through faith and repentance in the Lord Jesus. Salvation is given on the basis of the shed blood of Jesus on the cross as the substitutionary payment for all who believe. All people must come to Christ to be saved. As new creatures in Christ, the gift of salvation is eternal and cannot be taken away or lost.

Doctrine of the Church

We believe that there is one universal church which is made up of all those who have trusted in Jesus and is bound together by the Holy Spirit. The church, the body of Christ, joins together for the purpose of carrying out the Biblical mandates of Scripture which are primarily sharing the gospel and growing in Christ.


We believe the Lord ordained two commemorative acts for His Church to celebrate until His return, neither of which have a saving effect or endow grace upon participants.

(1) The Lord’s Super is the public celebration of His finished work on the cross for our sins and should be taken in a time of solemn respect and reverence.

(2) Baptism is the public proclamation that a person has placed their trust in Jesus Christ for salvation. Baptism by emersion exemplifies the death, burial, and resurrection with the Lord Jesus and hence the beginning of new life.